is a simple recipe box that helps you remember what you've been cooking.

Here's what it comes with:

Extremely fast recipe search!

It sure beats physically leafing through a pile of binders.

A bookmarklet!

That thing you drag onto your browser's Bookmarks Bar so you can save recipes on the web. This one even automatically grabs the best title and picture (if available). And yes, you can use it on your phone.

A way to input your own recipes!

Because sometimes you throw random stuff in a pot and it magically turns delicious and you want to remember how you did it.

Cooking entries!

It's like having a super-lightweight food blog built right into your recipe box. Finally you can recall exactly how it turned out last time.

It also works on a phone or tablet!

Because it's 2015.

Probably Frequently Asked Questions

Does it have all the features I want?

We are intentionally keeping the scales tipped towards simple, so probably not. If you require something that does meal planning and shopping list generating, try Plan to Eat. If you want a full-featured recipe organizer with native apps galore, try Pepperplate. If you want an app that lets you save handwritten recipes by taking a photo, try BigOven.

How long are you going to keep this up for?

This is a personal project that we rely on every week to feed ourselves, so we're going to keep it around for as long as we are able. If other folks show interest in paying us to use it, that will also influence its longevity. :)

How is this project funded?

No VCs were injured in the making of this recipe box webapp; in other words—love and our own salaries.

Who's in charge of all this malarkey?

Yum Box is a joint project by @tinabeans and @quarklet. Say hello to us on Twitter!